Atlanta – Results

The second race of the season we were looking forward to putting Bradenton resuls behind us.  We worked hard to get ready for the race and everything was looking great.  We rolled the car off the trailer at Test-n-Tune and ran a very soft tune.  The car ran beautiful and straight on the first pass with a 6.83 @ 215 mph.  However, chute failure at the end of the track made stopping a challenge for Kevin and although he did everything he could to save it, the car eventually came around and smacked the wall at over 100 mph. We did some major damage to our turbos and tubing and was unable to continue.Atlanta Crash

Atlanta wasn’t very friendly to 10.5 Super Street outlaw where three cars hit the wall including Meshaw and Murillo.  Also Tony Nesbit had a major fire at the starting line and we are happy to report he was fine.


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