Maryland – Results

The third race of the season was challenge to make.  Our crash at Atlanta left a lot of work for the team to complete in a short period of time.  Thanks to all the hard work from the crew (Randy, Kevin, Gram, Wade) we were able to put the car back together.  Although we hate to wreck the car, this was a good time to test the value of our insurance company.  Bill Lutz is our agent for Central Ohio Insurance Services and they were very professional and took care of every aspect of he claim.  Without their support, we would have struggled with the funding necessary to fix the car.

Although we struggled with major tire shake all weekend, we were able to sneak our way into the finals against Murillo.  Needless to say we didn’t have the performance this weekend to win, but we gave a good effort with a 7.01 against a winning 6.71.  We however did have some issues with the motor afterwards were we found a broke spring and lifted head gaskets.  Four of our cylinders were leaking majorly so our perofrmance in the finals was expected to be down.

Again, thanks to all the hard work of the crew we were able to end of in the finals for the first time in Mitchell Motorsports history.  The engine is at Proline as we speak and they made it their number 1 priority to complete. Thanks to Eric and the guys at Proline for their support.  We will be ready for Chicago.!


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